About Us

GLA Law Offices is a full-service Intellectual Property and Commercial Law firm with its head office in New Delhi, India. Founded in the year 2007, with the aim of providing cutting edge and high quality consistent end-to-end legal services in Intellectual Property and Corporate Legal Matters. The firm specializes in Intellectual Property, Company Law & Advisory, Commercial Litigation and Arbitration. Our clients include corporations, business groups, start-ups, public sector organizations, educational institutions and individuals.

Practice Areas

Trademark is any sign, symbol, logo, label, slogan, smell, shape, packaging & color combinations, which helps to differentiate each others business.

Patent is a legal monopoly granted by the govt. of a country for a period of 20 years for any innovation or invention or technological advancement.

Copyright Registration is granted to the creator of any original literary, architectural, artistic, musical, creative work or composition.

Design registration is granted for any new shape, surface pattern and ornamentations which when applied to an article, looks appealing to the eye.

Our Clients